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Sattva (Nourishing Hair Mask) - 100 Grams


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    Weight: 150 grams
    Capacity: 100 Grams
Sattva Nourishing Hair Mask -100 gms – Strengthens hair from roots – Promotes hair growth – Maintains scalp health – Hydrates and nourishes hair As we go about our everyday business, we tend to forget about taking care of our hair. Simply adding to this are pollution and unhealthy food habits. Even though we have looked at all tips there is to try, proper care of hair is still something we are looking to resolve. The Nourishing Hair Mask from Sattva, with its specially formulated ingredients, nourishes your hair and strengthens its roots promoting growth. Sattva reiterates Secret's mantra – 100 per cent natural with no added chemicals. It is hand made and specially formulated with Ayurvedic ingredients such as true indigo (neela amari), bhringraj, liquorice, gooseberry (amla), hibiscus, neem, curry leaves and jatamansi.

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