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Neem Wood Combs - 1 Pack

NeemWood Combs

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    Weight: 50 grams
    Capacity: 1 Pack
Neem Wood Comb (Detangle + All-Purpose Comb) - Pack of 2 – Improves blood circulation in the scalp – Treats dandruff – Provides lustrous shine – Controls itchiness Combing through your hair is no longer a mundane task, nor a riot with your hair. Handcrafted from a single piece of neem wood by skilled artisans, the comb gently massages the scalp as it goes through your hair. As neem is a natural antiseptic, a comb made out of its wood is a must-have among your hair care products. Not only does it control hair fall, but the comb also helps prevent the growth of microbes and improves blood circulation in the scalp paving way for new hair.

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