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Grey Care - 200 ml

Grey Care 200ML

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    Weight: 300 grams
    Capacity: 200 ml
Grey Care Hair Oil – 200ml – Prevents greying – Promotes hair growth – Controls dandruff Woke up one day to find strands of your hair grey? Fret not, we have the right solution for you. Secret's Grey Care Hair Oil helps increase melanin and arrests premature greying. Made with 27 indigenous herbal ingredients including neelambari, keshavardhini, water hyssop, henna, guava leaves and coat buttons plant, the hair oil provides deep nourishment, repairs hair damage caused by urban lifestyle, and promotes hair growth. Free from chemicals, parabens and harmful preservatives, the hair oil brings out the natural colour of your hair, and controls dandruff and dryness in the scalp.

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